Best Tennis Courts in Malaga Where to Play: Top 5

Malaga is a vibrant and young city full of options, possibilities and, for sure, fun activities. Everyone has different tastes and passions but even on vacation it’s hard not to follow them. And at the end of the day, you are fine with it. It’s what you want and what you like. Why would you leave it at home and take some rest? If you are a sport enthusiast or, even better, a tennis lover, you can’t resist the urge to hit the court and rip some balls. In this list, we will try to highlight some of the Best Tennis Courts in Malaga Where to Play.

Guess what? Malaga is ready to help you satisfy your sport instinct and let go of that adrenaline by provide you with many different option for your tennis tastes. That’s why we would like to help you in your decision as we made a list of the Best Tennis Courts in Malaga, in which you will be able to play and have fun. Please, notice that this is a random ranking and not in any particular order, because all the courts that we suggest are equally valid and all provide great feelings and meet high standards.

Game, Set, Match: The Best Tennis Courts to Play in Malaga

1) Club de Tenis Málaga: Play in some of The Best Tennis Courts

If you are in the mood for a tennis match under the sun, low ball bounces, long rallies and that sliding feeling due to the clay under your shoes, the “Club de Tenis Málaga” may be the perfect option for you to match what you have in your mind, making it one of the Best Tennis Courts in Malaga

The CTM presents a large number of tennis courts, starting with seven clay courts, followed by two hard ones, offering you a variety of choices. Their environment is exactly what you may aspect from an high level tennis club, providing also different products as a swimming pool and a well equipted gym, plus yoga, pilates and more. The presence of a restaurant makes it a complete experience for all their partners.

Everyone is accepted, as tennis is not the only option; six Padel Courts are a good alternative for whoever would like the feeling of tennis but in a different shape, expecially if the idea is to team up with a friend just to have fun. Even football enthusiast are welcome, as a Futsal field is available.

Adress: Av. San Antón, 22, 29018 Málaga
Contact: 658 957 979 / (+34) 952 291 092
E-mail: [email protected]

Best Tennis Courts in Malaga
Play some exciting tennis in a unique environment

2) More than just Tennis: Real Club El Candado

The “Real Club El Candado” it’s a perfect setting to express your desire for sport and physical activity, beyond just the tennis. This club is equipped with five tennis hard courts, with well prepared trainers if needed. If you feel like playing more Padel then Tennis, then seven courts are waiting for you and your friends, as you should expect from one of the Best Tennis Courts in Malaga.

The fun doesn’t stop here; In the club you will find also various sport activities such as Basketball, Golf, Nautical Sports and more! Whether you are a tennis fan or a sports aficionado, in the “Real Club El Candado” you will find everything you need and more, for children and adults, as everyone will be practicing the activity they prefere.

Also, some other activities are available, starting from the restaurant. The good food will be served while the sport spirit surronds you, being able to enjoy both dishes and action. Pools, playroom for the little ones and gym complete the full package. Remember that the members have discounts and privileges.

Adress: Av. Principal del Candado, 16, Málaga-Este, 29018 Málaga (Tennis)
Contact: 952 290 845 / 669 470 497
E-mail: [email protected]

Best Tennis Courts in Malaga
The weather in Malaga is perfect to play tennis

3) Some of the Best Tennis Hard Courts in Malaga: Centro Deportivo Cortijo Alto

While having the chance on playing on clay court is always nice and an added experience to your own tennis background, this beautiful and tricky surface might not meet the favours of everyone. The solution comes from the “Centro Deportivo Cortijo Alto“, a solid tennis club offering four hard courts, inviting you to hit the ball in fast and exciting matches.

Not only the choice for hard courts makes this club one of the Best Tennis Courts in Malaga but it’s also their other services that makes the whole package a must. With four Padel Courts and a 250 m2 open-air facility to favour functional and interval trainings, you will be able to express all your intensity and physicality.

As for most tennis clubs in the world, Cortijo Alto offers also tennis lessons in order to be able to enjoy better your game and being more aware of all the shots and your presence on the court. It’s never to late to learn something and all the training is also for adults, so you don’t have to worry about your age and just focusing on the fun!

Adress: Calle Hamlet, 1, 29006 Málaga
Contact: 640 207 323
E-mail: [email protected]

Hard Tennis Court
Hard Tennis Court

4) Club del Sol: Tennis under the sun

Sometimes finding a good and suggestive setting for playing your favorite sport is not that easy and requires a bit of sacrifice, sure it will be worth it. That’s the case for the “Club del Sol“, a tennis club a little bit outside the center of Malaga but a visit that repays that trip out of town to reach one of the Best Tennis Courts Where to Play.

This suggestive setting features nine beautiful and well-kept clay courts, plus three hard courts using the plexicushion (a brand of acrylic-based hardcourt tennis surface) technology. “Club del Sol” welcomes all the tennis fans willing to play and have some fun together: you can not only rent the courts for one hour or more but also rackets and balls. This way you don’t have to worry about anything then focusing on your game. Even the water is included!

You are here in Malaga alone but the will of play is too strong? The Mix-Ins is what you are looking for. Every Tuesday and Friday from 3 PM to 5 PM you can meet people like you that would like to join a partner to have a match. It’s highly required to reserve a spot, as in this option will be included: two hours of tennis, one bottle of water, one new Dunlop ball yours to keep and, after tennis, all drinks included may be enjoyed in a terrace with passionate people as you, so that is certainly something you don’t want to miss.

Adress: Calle José de Orbaneja 8, Sitio de Calahonda, Málaga
Contact: +34 952 93 95 95
E-mail: [email protected]

Best Clay Tennis Courts in Malaga
Feel the clay under your feet

5) Puente Romano Tennis Club: Class and Prestige

When talking about tennis, Malaga comes right on mind thanks to the recent events of the Davis Cup Finals, in which Italy was proclamed winner in last year competition. This vibrant city has a lot to do with sports and now hosts the World Cup of Tennis as a result, giving a great opportunity to La Costa del Sol to show its beauty and potential.

Combining its historical tradition and sight towards the future, in the breathtaking setting of Marbella, the “Puente Romano Tennis Club” probably possesses the title of Best Tennis Cours where to play in Malaga, as its history speaks for itself. Puente Romano was also stage to various events held by ATP, WTA and ITF, plus the Davis Cup Final in 1988 won by Spain. Also, Björn Borg and Manolo Santana had a part in the management of the club.

Many famous tennis players had walk on these magnificent courts, training ahead of important tournaments in the tour or even just for the Davis Cup itself. Playing in “Puerto Romano Tennis Club” not only is meaning of professional cure and tennis dedication, but it is also a chance to step where the greatest of the game already have.

Adress: Bulevar Príncipe Alfonso von Hohenlohe, s/n, 29602 Marbella, Málaga
Contact: +34 952 82 61 03
E-mail: [email protected]

Puente Romano Malaga
Play tennis in a prestigious setting

The passion for tennis can never go to sleep and a city full of emotions as Malaga knows it well. The presence of various tennis clubs in the city is a synonymous of the attention towards the sport and an attention to the details compared to no other. Get the chance to live a city full of opportunities to have fun and enjoy the good weather, while searcing for your perfect tennis club in which book a court.

If your passion for tennis is so strong, we suggest you not to miss the Davis Cup Finals in Malaga from the 19th to the 24th of November 2024.

This article was updated on April 2024