How to become a digital nomad: meaning, jobs and salary

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We all heard these words, but we don’t really know what it means. It’s on everyone’s lips, but it falls into misunderstanding. What is a Digital Nomad? What is this new travel trend? And how can you be part of it?

What does digital nomad mean?

Digital Nomad jobs sound like this: imagine yourself in front of the sea. You’re sipping your sex on the beach while you’re sitting in a deckchair. Your feet are covered by sand and you start writing on your computer. You’re answering your boss about the last report you sent him. He’s happy and you’re happy, everybody is happy. Your workday is finished, you close your computer, and you plan the next place you will visit tomorrow.

become a digital nomad

Boosted by the development of technology, this alternative lifestyle seduces a lot. In 2019, more than 4.8 million Americans described themselves as digital nomads. On how to become a digital nomad, they answered the following: you’re traveling around the world while working remotely.

Basically, one day, your office can be a national park in the United States, while the other day it’s a beach in Mexico. You can feel the sun on your face, smell the new scents around you, or be touched by the wind, and at the same time work digitally.

That’s the dream, isn’t it? And being a digital nomad will bring you much more than that.

What are the advantages of a digital nomad lifestyle?

become a digital nomad

Being part of this alternative digital nomad community have a lot of benefits. First, you will be more effective in your work. The adventure is going to be your main motivation. So, you will procrastinate less and finish your tasks sooner than your boss would expect! Time will be more valuable for you.

Creativity can also come through your journeys. Digital nomads are discovering new cultures and new ways of thinking every day. It means challenging yourself. This way of life will help you find more inventive ideas. To connect new thoughts that will form an innovative concept.

Becoming a digital nomad will put you out of your comfort zone. You will face new situations every day. Being out of cash in a country where you think everyone speaks like in SimCity. Being in a corner of your room, to steal the WIFI of your neighbor next door. Or, you simply want to meet new people in a pub crawl event in Malaga. These little challenges will strengthen your abilities and open your mind. You will be less stressed and react more efficiently to any kind of situation.

This unique way of life will change your purposes as well. Digital nomads tend to prioritize their life experiences more than their work. Having more intense connections, visiting new landscapes, enjoy the moment, will be the goals of any digital nomad trip.  

What are the digital nomads’ jobs?

become a digital nomad

As you now know, a digital nomad is a synonym for working remotely. So you have to be prepared for it., We work remotely, and Working nomads, are good websites to start looking at. As long as your employers know your lifestyle, any remote job is possible.

Freelance is also a good digital nomad job. But it’s challenging. You will have to be totally independent, and make a living only with your brain and your computer. So before jumping into it, you have to ask yourself: What are your best skills? What do you like to achieve the most? What kind of market can you apply for? And most importantly, can you work remotely? Once you’re sure of becoming a digital nomad freelance, you can offer your services on Upwork or Fiverr.

Of course, there are many, many jobs that can be fully remote. Here are a few examples: all the professions related to writing and languages. You can work 100% digital as a copywriter, an author, a teacher of new languages, a translator, and so on. On the other hand, it might be relevant for beginners in any new field to start as virtual assistants. Everything related to technologies and the internet can also be a good digital nomad job. If you’re a social media manager, from the E-commerce business, or more into data and programming, you can travel while working! Accounting and customer service can be 100% digital too! Creative professions are also very popular among digital nomads. People doing design, video production/editing, and voice acting can ask to work remotely. Finally, tourism has a bright future in the digital nomad professions, too.

So the possibilities are endless, you just have to find what matches you the best.

What is the digital nomad salary?

Studies show that a digital nomad can earn between $10,000 and $170,000 per year. This range is huge! To determine more precisely what your income could be, a few criteria might be taken into consideration.

The job you chose for example. Because the salary of a designer might not be the same as one of a programmer. Your experience will affect your income as well. The more competent you are in your field, the more you will be paid. But also, over the years you will get used to working as a digital nomad, which will make you earn more. Indeed with travel experience, you will manage your time more efficiently. You will be able to negotiate your contracts better and know what to do in case of work emergencies.

Moreover, the type of clients will also determine your digital nomad salary. If it’s a businessman, a company, or an individual, it will not be the same. Where they are located is important as well. I know, nobody thinks about this detail. But if your employer lives in a country where your services don’t cost much, you will have to lower your expectations. On the other hand, in countries where your products are in high demand, you are willing to earn more.

Finally, some digital nomads use a platform to help them work abroad. This digital middleman can keep a percentage of each earnings.

What do you need to do before becoming a digital nomad?

That’s it, you already made up your mind. You can’t spend another minute stuck between the two walls of your apartment, you need to explore the world. But, just a minute, little butterfly, you need to prepare yourself before flying out of your cocoon.

Track down your unnecessary expenses

When you travel worldwide, you don’t need your gym subscription anymore, your local coffee membership, or your bike monthly rent fee. The money gained from this will be more useful for future travel expenses, don’t you think? Even more, as a digital nomad freelancer, saving money will be essential.

Anticipate a safety net

Becoming a digital nomad means being on your own. Emergencies can knock at your door anywhere, at any time. You could create a safety net, and travel with less stress. For that, get rid of your inessential belongings, and sell or rent your house. You will thank us for this advice when you will have to pay someone to cross a river full of crocodiles!

Apply for a travel health insurance

During your progression through this river, you can be hurt by wild animals! Or just get a lot of mosquito bites. Either way, having travel health insurance can help you forget this bad digital nomad experience. You will need it more than you think. When you get sick or need specific vaccinations, travel health insurance will be a must-have. So, remember to get one.

Banks are not your nemesis

Banks can add fees if you use your credit card abroad. To avoid these additional expenses, ask for an international card that could be used everywhere. You can also sign up for credit monitoring, which will be necessary if someone hacked your card.

Unlock your phone

From one country to another, digital nomads can easily lose themselves with phone subscriptions. But no need to panic, call your current carrier to ask them to unlock your phone. Your unique preoccupation will be then to find a different sim card for each country you travel to.

How to become a digital nomad in Spain?

Spain will soon provide a visa for digital nomads willing to work in his country! It would be easier for non-EU citizens to travel there.

become a digital nomad

Spain will soon join the ranks of Greece, Estonia, and Croatia which already saw the potential of digital nomads. More and more countries are finding these travelers because they help develop the local economy.

The Spain DNV (Spain Digital Nomad Visa) should be available this year. The Spanish parliament has already received the first draft of the law. According to this version, the visa can last for 5 years, with extension periods added. The Spain DNV will be available for non-EU citizens who can give the government’s eligibility requirements. People from the European Union, the Economic European Union, and Schengen Area are not concerned by this visa.

As the Spain DNV is not eligible yet, the documents required for this visa are still unknown. But you have to prove to the Spanish government that you are a digital nomad, willing to work remotely from its country.

When you will be from Spain, don’t hesitate to visit Malaga. This city has much more to offer than you think. You could enjoy a lot of hiking spots, explore the ancient Roman Amphitheater, or witness the famous holy week!

So, when people will ask you again the strange question: “If you have to be on an island, only by yourself what would you bring with you?”. You know what to answer: “a swimsuit, a deckchair, and a computer to work as a digital nomad, that’s all I’ll need!”.

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