The Best Bars and Clubs in Granada: Top 8

Granada is known for its rich history, Moorish influences and beautiful natural setting. However, this city has a lot to offer at night as well. Since Granada is a famous university city, the nightlife is known for its youthful, vibrant and diverse scene. To get the complete picture and capture the essence of a city you also have to go out at night and experience the nightlife. If you want to know all about Granada you need to go explore after sunset and enjoy a night out in Granada. Are you intrigued to go out in Granada? Here is a list of the best bars and clubs in Granada for an unforgettable night out!

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1. El Huerto del Loro

One of our favourite places to start an evening out in Granada is El Huerto del Loro. It has an amazing view over the Albayzin neighbourhood and a very charming hippie atmosphere. It is the perfect bar either to relax and unwind after a long day of sightseeing or as the first stop before going clubbing in Granada. The drinks are rather cheap, homemade and really delicious. It is one of the best bars in Granada for hanging out with friends and watching the sunset. Follow the Paseo de los Tristes to find this treasure and take a steep path to find this unmissable stop during your nightlife experience in Granada.

best bars and clubs in Granada
El Huerto del Loro

2. Mama Samba

A hot contender among the best bars and clubs in Granada is Mama Samba. The interior is very stylish, yet cute with beach vibes due to the many palm trees and colourful interior. Sit under the palm trees on the lovely terrace, sip on an excellent cocktail and relax while the sun goes down in Granada. For the hungry ones, there is also a wide selection of unique and original dishes that you should try. Mama Samba is an amazing option to start your night out in Granada.

nightlife in Granada
Drinks on a table

3. Best Bars and Clubs in Granada: Lemon Rock Bar

If you want a fun night in Granada, you should not miss out on the Lemon Rock Bar inside the Lemon Rock Hostel. This cool bar is especially popular among students and travellers. Its retro-industrial design channels the laidback and youthful atmosphere. Go up to the rooftop bar and drink one of the best Mojitos in Granada while looking over the roofs of Granada. Afterwards, check out the live music downstairs. There is always something going on in the lively and vibrant Lemon Rock Bar which is why it is a must on our list of the best bars and clubs in Granada.

best bars and clubs in Granada
Lemon Rock Bar

4. Best Bars and Clubs in Granada: Pata Palo

Walking down the Calle Elvira is a must to experience Granada’s nightlife. This street is the place to be for the Hipsters as there are many cute cafés during the day and trendy bars for your night out. There are plenty of places to enjoy tapas and beers or other drinks. A very cool place in this area is Pata Palo. It is not big but it is definitely worth a visit if you like Latin beats, reggae and fusion rock. This place usually fills up very quickly after midnight with people dancing and having a good time.

best bars and clubs
Pata Pala

5. Best clubs in Granada: Discoteca Aliatar

In the middle of the centre of Granada, you find a historic building which used to be an old cinema. However, today it is one of the most unique and amazing nightclubs in Granada. The elegance and retro look of the old movie theatre combined with a stylish and modern vibe make Discotecta Aliatar one of the most popular hotspots in Granada. Take in the vintage atmosphere and dance all night long under the fluorescent lights. During the day this unique place is used as a location for different festivals or events. Discoteca Aliatar is an unmissable spot on our list of best bars and clubs in Granada.

best clubs in Granada
Discoteca Aliatar

6. Plantabaja

The next bar on our list of best bars and clubs in Granada is called Plantabaja. This place appeals especially to local alternative music lovers. The crowd is always very diverse which makes this bar particularly outstanding as there is a welcoming atmosphere. The top floor is rather relaxed with lounge vibes while in the basement you can dance to hip-hop and funk. As Plantabaja’s popularity rises, some of the best up-and-coming DJs come to play their sets there. Moreover, bands, theatre productions, exhibitions and other cultural events take place at Plantabaja. If you want to have a unique experience in Granada you should not miss out on this cool club in Granada.

best bars and clubs in Granada

7. Best Clubs in Granada: Efecto Club

Efecto club is one of the best places to go if you are into electronic music. They usually play Techno and House. Moreover, the club is located in the beautiful neighbourhood of Albayzín so it is very central and easy to reach. It is not only used by DJs but is also a concert hall. Due to the mixture of the old neighbourhood and the modern techno vibe of the club, Efecto Club has an amazingly unique atmosphere. Do not miss out on this fun club on your night out in Granada!

party in Granada
Efecto Club

8. Hannigan and Sons

Hannigan and Sons is a great place to either begin or end the night. The pub has a cosy but gloomy atmosphere due to its dark wooden decor and the dimly lit lights. It is the perfect pub for watching sports events as well as enjoying an excellent beer from an immense selection. Watch the native English waiter tap a fresh beer for you while taking in the unique atmosphere of one of the best bars in Granada. If you are looking for something fun to do at the beginning of the week, the pub hosts a pup quiz on Mondays and a karaoke night on Tuesdays.

Irish Pub in Granada
Hannigan and Sons