This should be on your travel bucket list for 2021!

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Even if you don’t get the chance to fly to another country this year, there are plenty of things to do in your home country. So don’t worry about your holidays this year. I’ve listed some activities that you can do either in your own country or abroad. This should be on your travel bucket list for 2021!

Go camping

Camping should definitely be on your travel bucket list for this year. The ideal accommodation to enjoy nature. It’s the perfect type of holiday if you’re on a budget. Everything you need is your tent, a mattress, a blanket, and a little gas cooker to prepare your meals. However, Wildcamping is allowed in most European countries. So don’t worry about spending money on a caravan park. It doesn’t matter if it’s only the two of you or you and your friends. Camping is always an adventure and a lot of fun. In addition to this, it’s a great experience that everyone should do once in their life.

Travel bucket list: Go on a solo trip

Plansee, Austria

Solo trips are the best way to gain self-confidence. Don’t be afraid of going to another country or city on your own. Just pick a hostel as your accommodation and you won’t be alone during your trip. You will get to know new people from different countries and you’ll extend your social network. Also, a solo trip can help you to find yourself again. Escape daily life for a couple of days. Enjoy time on your own and just do whatever you want to do.

Explore your city

Dublin, Ireland

The city you live in is sometimes the place you know the least about. So why not explore your city for a couple of days. No matter if you’re doing it with your family, friends or a special someone, getting to know your city a little bit better, is definitely something you need to do. You can just do it as day trip, so you don’t have to spend money on accommodation. There’s way more to do in your city than you think there is.

Travel bucket list: Go on hikes

Haiku Stairs, Kaneohe, United States

Hikes or even just walks in the mountains are the perfect activities in nature. It is ideal if you want to spend time with your family and friends. A suitable location for a hike is probably closer than you think it is. So get your equipment and start your adventure. Furthermore, you won’t need that much equipment for this kind of activity. That is especially if it is meant as leisure. It’s the ideal outdoor sport if you don’t like to go to the gym. Also, the view that you get to admire is definitely worth it.

Visit family and friends

Why not visit some friends or family members which you haven’t seen in a while. Knowing people from other cities or even countries is a big advantage when you’re traveling. On the one hand, you’ll probably get free accommodation. On the other hand, you get the chance to visit those who you can’t meet that often because of the long distance.

Learn a new language

Learn a new language and be well prepared for your next trip. Take the opportunity now, when there’s not a lot to do, and learn something about a new culture. Maybe you already know where you want to go next. So start doing some research about the country and try to learn the language a bit. Speaking the language of the country where you’re staying is always a big advantage.

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