Top 6 best libraries you should definitely visit

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I genuinely can’t think of a more spectacular place than a library. They hold a deep inheritance, books. In fact, books represent a legacy: we used them in the past to note down our knowledge, and we keep doing it nowadays. Local libraries give you the chance to acquire further information about the country and the city you are visiting. You can see it as a full immersion in the culture and life of the locals. Moreover, books stimulate intelligence and nurture good mental health, improve your vocabulary (well-indicated when you are learning a new language), and inspire you. Internet and technology assistance is essential for our lives, but nothing can be compared to a great book. In this article, you will read about the top 6 best libraries you should definitely visit.

Library of Trinity College, Dublin

Trinity College of Dublin hosts the largest library in Ireland. It has over 6 million printed volumes of all types which reflect over 400 years of academic development. Access to the library is allowed not only to students of Trinity College but it’s also an alluring attraction for tourists. The Long Room is one of the main points of interest, a suggestive room of 65 meters in length filled with the library’s oldest books. This wonderful library is also where the Book of Kells is kept.

Library of Trinity College, Dublin.Top 6 best libraries
Wonderful libraries – Trinity College
Library of Trinity College, Dublin
Wonderful libraries – Trinity College

Stuttgart City Library, Germany

In Stuttgart, Germany, the sttadtbibliothek is an important cultural and literary center. The library is quite recent, in fact, it was built in 2011 by a team of architects. Starting from the outside, you can notice how particular is this building: it’s all white and it has the shape of a cube. Some experts say that inspiration for the construction of the building came from 2001: A Space Odyssey movie by Kubrick, more specifically the scene with the monolith. As a matter of fact, the shape is similar, only bigger. The inside design looks amazing, too. The main reading room is a five-storey volume, where the floor plates progressively step in. The more you go towards the periphery of the building, the more private reading areas you will find.

Stuttgart City Library, Germany.Top 6 best libraries
Wonderful libraries – Stuttgart City Library

Admont Abbey Library, Austria

Another amazing library to see, this time located in Admont, Austria. I’m talking about Admont Abbey, the world’s largest monastery library, counting over 200,000 books. It’s well-known for the deep book legacy it hosts, but there’s more. In fact, it’s a complete work of art. Inside you will find many fabulous ceiling frescoes, wooden sculptures and gold busts. On the site, you will also find a very nice museum of contemporary art.

Admont Abbey, Austria.Top 6 best libraries
Wonderful libraries – Admont Abbey Library

Top 6 best libraries: Oodi, Helsinki

Moving to the north of Europe, more precisely Helsinki, in Finland, you will find a cherished library. It’s Oodi and it’s the central library of the city. The position of the building is strategic: right in front of the Finnish parliament. It’s a way to underline the relationship between the government and the citizen. The library provides books, but also cafes, restaurants, cinemas, audio-visual recording studios, of course, it’s also equipped with calmer rooms. They are called “book heaven” and are quiet and spacey, perfect for reading.

Oodi Library, Helsinky.Top 6 best libraries
Wonderful libraries- Oodi, central library of Helsinki

Top 6 best libraries: Vancouver Central public library, Canada

If you are visiting the city of Vancouver, Canada, you must stop by the Central public library. The place is an architectural marvel, it’s a postmodern building equipped with everything a library should have. You can borrow books, you can read them and study in specific rooms. The facility also organizes a lot of different programs and events, not only for adults but also for kids.

Central public library Canada
Wonderful libraries – Central public library of Vancouver

El Escorial, Spain

Last but not least, a Spanish pride: the Royal Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial. Located near Madrid, it was built in the 16th century by king Phillip II of Spain in a Renaissance style. The library was conceived to hold books and philosophy manuscripts, but also instruments of scientific learning such as ornated globes. The abundant collection of books and the suggestive architecture and paintings is breathtaking.

Royal Monastery of San Lorenzo.Top 6 best libraries
Wonderful libraries – Royal Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial