Valentines Day in Malaga 2024: Best Date Ideas

As January comes to an end, we look forward to the month of love. In Malaga, Spain, February 14 opens up a wide spectrum of activities that range from downright cliche to unique and adventurous. So, come and join us as we explore the best ideas for Valentines Day in Malaga 2024.

1. Valentines Day in Spain

Couple in Sunseti pink background, human siluettes
Couple in Sunset

Valentines Day in Spain is widely known as El Dia de San Valentin. While the exact roots of this celebrated day are not exactly known. However, the legend points to San Valentin (Saint Valentine) as the one whom it was named after. In the Catholic faith, there were three martyred saints named Valentine or Valentinus. According to stories, Saint Valentine was a third-century priest in Rome at a time when young men were forbidden from getting married and were instead sent away as soldiers. Stories say that San Valentin defied Emperor Claudius II’s orders and wed young couples in secret. He was eventually executed for it, making him known as the first martyr for love.

2. Valentines Day in Malaga 2024

Malaga, Spain cityscape at the Cathedral, City Hall and Alcazaba citadel of Malaga.
Malaga, Spain Cityscape

Malaga is the perfect destination for those who want to experience festive occasions since the city itself is a haven for any kind of celebration. Even if you’re staying in another city, you can still take a day trip and spend Valentines Day in Malaga in 2024. If you’re coming from Madrid, it takes an average of six hours by land and three hours by plane. The same goes for Barcelona and Valencia.

If you decide to spend Valentines Day in Malaga, expect a range of activities for individuals, couples, groups, and families. All of who want to express their passionate feelings for their loved ones. Therefore, there are romantic dinners, picturesque scenes for photos, wine tours in the countryside, relaxing spa sessions, sunset flights, and glamping to choose from.

3. Best Places for a Romantic Dinner on Valentines Day in Malaga 2024

Romantic Dinner

Still undecided on where to take your date on February 14 in Malaga? Don’t worry because we got you. You can join a tapas tour for an upbeat dinner experience. Or, you can also pull out all the stops and enjoy a gourmet meal. Restaurants in Malaga don’t offer menus for Valentines Days. However, we prepared our own suggestions for you to try in each location. Check out our list of the best places for a romantic dinner on Valentines Day in Malaga in 2024.

3.1. Valentines Day Malaga Tapas Tour

Trying the special Spanish cuisine would be an exciting choice for a dinner on Valentines Day in Malaga. However, if you don’t know where to start, you can go on a tapas tour. So, you don’t have to think about where to go, what to order, or how to order.

You can get a taste of everything with a local guide on your side. This type of tour will take you to carefully selected tapas bars in the city. Moreover, your guide will provide you with the details of each dish as well as recommendations on the best wine to pair them with. This is a fun culinary adventure to embark on with your loved one.

3.2. L’Expérience Restaurant for a Gourmet Meal

The L’Experience Restaurant at Plaza Obispo is a location where you can admire the city’s landmark cathedral. In addition, the venue offers a gourmet menu. Firstly, you can start with their speciality, the potatoes l’experience. For the main course, we recommend the Iberian pork sirloin medallions with the chef’s cream sauce, or Flamenquin cordobes. Then, you can finish your meal with chocolate coulant with vanilla ice cream for dessert.

A full course dinner like this would cost around 70€ for two, based on your choices. The restaurant also offers a a rich selection of wines from the region as well as other refreshing beverages. If you are looking for a gourmet meal with a romantic background, L’Experience Restaurant is a great choice for Valentines Day in Malaga.

3.3. Romantic Tapas Dinner at El Pimpi

El Pimpi been in business since 1971, and has been one of the most famous tapas restaurants since then. They are known for their charismatic interior, top-quality jamón iberico and Moscatel wine. The venue offers different types of set menus you can choose at any time of the year.

However, for a special tapas dinner on Valentines Day in Malaga, you could choose the Antonio Gala menu. It is a full course menu of tapas for sharing and individual plates. This set also includes chestnut-fed Iberian cured ham, smoked fish salad, seared Red King prawns, spicy tuna tataki, broken fried eggs with foie gras and truffle, grilled sea bass, grilled beef tenderloin, and dessert. The price of the menu is 90€.

3.4. Dinner With an Amazing View at Parador de Gibralfaro

Even though Parador de Gibralfaro is conveniently located in the city center, its spectacular view of the Mediterranean Sea will make you feel that you’re in another world. The restaurant is in the Gibralfaro Castle, and offers a menu of local tastes.

The most famous items on their menu are Gazpachuelo malagueño, zoque, and ajoblanco malagueño. If you choose this venue for dinner on Valentines Day in Malaga, you can also choose tartar of Malaga sausage, sultanas, and mango mayonnaise with toasted glass bread, or, Malaga’s goat cheese board as a starter. Then, for the main course, you can savor their sticky rice with prawns and squid with saffron aioli, or grilled marinated Iberian pluma and spiced potatoes. Finally, for desert, you can order their famous bienmesabe with lemon ice cream. A full course meal here costs an average of 70€ for two.

3.5. Gusto for a Romantic Italian Dinner

If you prefer to have an Italian dinner on Valentine’s Day in Malaga, go to Restaurant Gusto. They have two branches in Malaga, both highlighting a large traditional Italian pizza oven. Owned and run by Italians, Gusto offers the best Italian food selections in the city. Moreover, they include options for vegetarians and those with peanut allergies.

The highlights on their menu are the tomato bruschetta, truffle ravioli, and Sicilian cannolo. For your Valentine’s Day dinner, you can start with carpaccio de Angus as an aperitif, then move on to any of their pizza or pasta options. Following up with Italian traditions, Gusto will serve you a shot of limoncello after your dinner. On average, a dinner for two at Gusto starts at around 50€.

4. Most Romantic Rooftop Bars for Valentines Day in Malaga in 2024

Couple Having Drinks at Rooftop Terrace on Valentines Day in Madrid 2024
Couple Having Drinks at Rooftop Terrace

Dining and having drinks at a rooftop bar can literally elevate a romantic date even more. The cool breeze, twinkling lights, and aerial view of the city all combine to make your Valentines Day in Malaga an unforgettable experience. Read on to learn about the most romantic rooftop bars for 2024 Valentines Day in Malaga.

4.1. La Terraza de San Juan

La Terraza de San Juan is on the fifth floor of the Malaga Premium Hotel. The venue offers a breathtaking view of the historical tower of the Church of San Juan and the majestic mountains all around. The terrace also has three distinct spaces and two fully equipped bars. The venue is decorated with mandarin trees and also offers plenty of different seating options from cozy, white couches to bar stools and high chairs. The atmosphere is secluded and you can comfortably have an intimate date here on Valentines Day in Malaga.

Even though the venue also offers food options like tapas, burgers or Mediterranean bites, they are known for their professionally crafted delicious cocktails. Their cocktail prices start from 7€.

4.2. Rooftop at Alcazaba Premium Hotel

If you want to spend your romantic evening gazing at Malaga’s landmark Alcazaba, you can also choose to visit the Alcazaba Premium Hotel’s rooftop bar. The venue offers stunning views of the Alcazaba urban fortress and the Gibralfaro Castle. The rooftop is decorated with tropical trees, white couches, and high chairs that are facing the Alcazaba castle. It has two levels, both with a fully equipped bar on each. Moreover, as the sun sets from the side of Alcazaba in Malaga, this rooftop bar offers a great view of the sunset.

If you are looking to warm up your night on Valentines Day in Malaga with some drinks, you can visit this rooftop to watch the sunset and enjoy delicious cocktails. Their cocktails start from 7,5€, and the bar also offers some snacks to accompany the drinks.

4.3. Valeria’s Terrace

La Terraza de Valeria is a Mediterranean rooftop bar located on top of Room Mate Valeria in Plaza Poeta Alfonso Canales. The venue boasts blue ceramics and white chairs, which blend beautifully with the palm trees surrounding the venue. The main view here is the Malaga Port, the skyline and Plaza Marina.

This bar can be a cute, romantic option on Valentines Day in Malaga in 2024. You can also immerse yourself in the blue of the sea and the sky, and the green of the surrounding trees. The venue offers some snack options and well-crafted cocktails, which start at around 10€.

5. Best Places for a Romantic Walk on Valentines Day in Malaga 2024

Couple Walking on the Beach on Valentines Day in Malaga 2024
Couple Walking on the Beach

Whether you choose to go on a lunch date, a rooftop dinner, or an evening drink, Valentine’s Day in Malaga will not be complete without a romantic walk. Explore these places in Malaga as you walk hand-in-hand with your loved one on February 14.

5.1. Seaside Walk for Valentines Day in Malaga 2024

One of the top things that couples can do on Valentine’s Day in Malaga is take a romantic walk from Malaga harbor to Playa de Malagueta. Enjoy the sea breeze, listen to the splashing waves, while feeling the sand between your toes as you watch the sunset across the horizon. The route is around 2,5 km, which takes about 35 minutes to walk. Alternatively, you can stroll along the waterfront promenade and admire the ships and yachts that are docked at the port. 

5.2. Malaga Botanical Garden

If you are looking for a more secluded location to walk, head over to the Botanical Garden of La Concepcion for its yearly Valentine’s Day event. The botanical garden in Malaga is one of the largest gardens in Europe, hosting a large variety of plants from all over the world. It’s a relaxing and romantic activity that will take you through tens of thousands of plants, palms, and bamboo. You can also catch a glimpse of the Mediterranean Sea from the mirador (lookout tower).

5.3. Streets of Malaga

You can also get lost in the narrow streets of Malaga and navigate through this historical maze together. If you’re the adventurous type of couple, you’ll have fun exploring the different corners of the city while learning about the history of important establishments. You can also join a free walking tour if you want a more organized route. This is guaranteed to make your Valentine’s Day in Malaga unforgettable.

6. Unusual Date Ideas for Valentines Day in Malaga 2024

A red heart-shaped balloon on top of the floor.
Valentine’s Day Heart Balloon

Are you still looking for a more unusual activity or trip for your date on February 14? From a cleansing Arab bath to a vertigo-inducing hike, there’s a lot in store for those who want an unusual date on Valentines Day in Malaga in 2024.

6.1. Enjoy the Nightlife with the Pub Crawl

Couples who love the nightlife can also choose to go on a Malaga pub crawl guided by a local guide. This tour takes you to four different pubs in the city to give you a taste of Malaga’s nightlife culture. This way, you don’t need to guess which venue is worth going to. There’s also an added element of fun in meeting other couples or simply getting acquainted with new people within your tour group.

6.2. Arab Baths for Valentines Day in Malaga 2024

Spend a relaxing spa day with an Arab bath at Hammam Andalus in Plaza de los Martires. You can purchase a gift card for Valentine’s Day and reserve a slot for you and your sweetheart. This establishment offers different combinations of Arab baths. These also include bath options with massage and essential oils, a full ritual purification on a hot stone bed, and body stretching.

6.3. Hiking Trip to Caminito del Rey

You can also schedule a thrilling hiking trip to Caminito del Rey (King’s Pathway), near the town of El Chorro. This is just about an hour away from Malaga. The route features daring cliffside trails, mesmerizing views, and rich avian life. All these combine to make up a Valentine’s Day adventure you can’t forget.

6.4. Skiing on Valentine’s Day in the Sierra Nevada Mountains

A hiking tour at the Sierra Nevada Mountains is an excellent date alternative for active couples who prefer an out-of-town getaway on Valentine’s Day. This trip takes six hours, and the hike itself takes around three hours to finish. Be prepared to gape in awe at the scenic trails, hanging bridges, and backdrop of snowy mountains when you visit this historic site. Check out the best hiking trails in Sierra Nevada first and select one that best fits your level of expertise.

6.5. Go Horseback Riding at the Beach

You can also elevate your Valentine’s Day beachside date by going on a two-hour horseback riding trip along the beach in Torremolinos, which is only around 13 kilometers from Malaga Old Town. Savor the sunlight, listen to the sound of horses’ hooves splashing on the water, and marvel at Malaga’ golden coast. This is a truly fulfilling experience not only for couples but also for individuals, friends, and families.

Interested in other upcoming festivities in Malaga? Read our ultimate guide to Malaga Carnival 2024 to learn all about this annual extravaganza and its highlights. If you prefer getting to know the city intimately, our comprehensive guide to exploring Malaga in one day is for you. 

Browse Malaga’s official Tourism website to learn more about the city’s best tourist spots. Alternatively, check out Malaga’s Metro Lines so you can plan your vacation routes better.