What to Do in Malaga on a Sunday: Top 6

Usually, Sundays should be for relaxation and refuelling energy for the upcoming week. However, sometimes sitting lazily on the couch and binge-watching your comfort series is just not enough. If you decide you want to leave the house but are unsure what do to, keep reading and discover ideas on what to do in Malaga on a Sunday.

Malaga Sunday

Malaga has so much to offer. The capital of the costa del sol is famous for its delicious food, amazing culture and history as well as amazing nightlife. There is no way to get bored in Malaga. Even on Sundays, there is a lot to do and explore in Malaga. If you need some inspiration, then check out our recommendations on what things to do in Malaga on a Sunday.

1. Alcazaba and Castillo de Gibralfaro

First and foremost, if you have never been to the Alcazaba and the Castillo de Gibralfaro then you should do that on a Sunday. Why? Because on Sundays after 2 pm the entry is free! As the Alcazaba and the Castillo de Gibralfaro are the most iconic sights in Malaga, you need to check them out at least once.

Take in the amazing old Islamic architecture and learn about the history of Malaga and Andalucia while walking through this fortress from the 11th century. Admire the old walls, fountains and gardens, while listening to the free audio guide. Not only the architecture and the buildings are amazing but also the views over Malaga you will have are breathtaking. Hence, one of the best things to do in Malaga on a Sunday is to walk these ancient paths and explore the history of Andalucia.

what to do in Malaga on a Sunday

2. What to do on a Sunday in Malaga: Museums

Besides the Alcazaba and the Castillo de Gibralfaro, there are plenty more museums in Malaga which are free on a Sunday. This makes Sunday the perfect day to explore the artistic side of Malaga. Already noticeable from the outside, the Centre Pompidou at the port of Malaga is one of the most famous museums in Malaga as it offers a wide range of different styles of art disciplines. This museum is the only outside of France branch of the distinguished museum in Paris. Visit it on a Sunday after 4 pm for free and get blown away by its stunning art collections. Another great choice for a Sunday museum visit is the Carmen Thyssen Museum in the historic centre of Malaga. Its collection focuses on 19th-century Spanish painters. Enjoy Carmen Thyssen Museum’s interesting exhibitions on a Sunday after 5 pm for free!

museums malaga sunday

3. Parks or Beaches on a Sunday

Luckily the weather is usually sunny and nice in Malaga which means you can easily spend the afternoons outside. If you do not know what to do on a Sunday in Malaga, check out the beaches! Either go for a walk listening to the calming sounds of the sea or sit down in the sand, kick back and read a book. This is a fantastic way to spend a relaxing last day before the start of a new and stressful week. If you prefer a greener environment, check out Malaga’s parks. You need to check out Paseo del Parque and Parque de Malaga. It is an amazingly scenic pathway parallel to the port of Malaga. Within the park, you come across all kinds of tropical and unique palm trees and flowers. It almost looks like a mini jungle within the city. Sit down on one of the benches in the park, taking in the beautiful natural surrounding and listening to the parrots.

what to do on a Sunday Malaga

4. Coffee and a book in a cosy Cafe

Waking up on a Sunday is not easy. What might help is a delicious cup of coffee from one of the many speciality coffee cafes in Malaga. Are you looking for an excellent cup of coffee to wake you up? There are plenty of incredible cafes in Malaga, for you to try. Particularly, speciality coffee has become quite popular in Malaga. Grab a book or your headphones to listen to some music or a podcast and just kick back and relax while enjoying the best coffee in Malaga. Try Mia’s coffee house or Next Level Speciality coffee and fall in love with the flavours of their coffee beans.


5. What to do on a Sunday in Malaga: Go to the Cinema

Are you in the mood for a nice movie night but still want to leave the house? Then check out one of the many cinemas in Malaga. If you are sick of the usual Hollywood action movies, try Cine Albeniz. They mostly play independent Spanish films. They also show some international movies with Spanish subtitles. The cinema is really old which makes this place particularly charming from the outside as well as the inside. The cinema is right next to the Roman theatre, in the middle of the historic centre. In the summer, you should definitely check out the open-air cinemas all over the town which show you an insight into the local life of Malaga. Furthermore, it is completely free!

6. A Sunday in Malaga: Tapas y Copas

A very Andalucian way of spending your afternoon is by going for Tapas y Copas. Sitting at a tapas bar for hours, talking to friends and just enjoying the vibe of the city, is a perfect way to spend your Sunday in Malaga. There are multiple places offering special deals on tapas in combination with drinks. Watch out for signs on the streets as restaurants usually promote their deals on blackboards in front of the establishments. There are amazing places to enjoy tapas and drinks, so you should take your time and try to taste all sorts of tapas in Malaga.

tapas y copas

Do you want to know more about events in Malaga? Go ahead and check out this website https://www.malaga.eu/la-ciudad/agenda/ for upcoming official events in Malaga.